Latest 27-7-22

I have been reading a general prose collection, you have to be in the mood to read prose. Sometimes it can be inspiring and open your mind, at other times it can make you frustrated and even angry. I suppose it is a modern form for modern times and it can seem like a lot of hot air, it also is jarring and stimulating and I feel it tests out your mind’s general state of being. You need a fair amount of mental flexibility, at times I would read prose and being a creative type I wanted to create a poem or drawing almost immediately.

This morning I hung my work for the exhibition ‘created at Blenheim House’ and I was thrilled to see the works in situ. There was something about the works being about the space they were in that was eerily beautiful. I felt like the whole process of involvement, from applying to be part of the exhibition to making the studies and then the finished artwork was a smooth experience that now came full circle. It is the most interesting exhibition I have been in for quite a while.

The last time I exhibited was in 2020 with Airspace gallery for raising money for wildlife and that was quite interesting. The musicians in the evening and a mic check were quite powerful memories from Airspace. I need to dig up the video of that mic check from Jono Milo, I don’t know how much money got raised from the exhibition but it was good to donate some art. The works I donated were sprayed paint on canvas and people kept changing the orientation of two of the five works I donated. 

I must admit that was a source of annoyance but at least people were getting involved. The opening for ‘created at Blenheim House’ is tomorrow and it isn’t open to the public but the exhibition is open for a few weeks to the public and I hope people come by and enjoy the art. 

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