observing prose collection

One thing that is guaranteed is no guarantees, sometimes I feel like I can’t get into a routine in my life. Work is a bit hard to gauge, and life is a little bit difficult to know what to expect week in and week out. You try and get trades and things are not always smooth, I am not complaining because I can see the issues at the moment. We are probably all waiting for things to get back to normal, yet sadly they probably won’t for a long while yet.

I was reading a book of prose that is a selection over a number of periods from recently penned to Post Modernism, and Modernism. I feel like Post Modernism is still rooted in the Earth, in the way it evokes the theories of Deleuze from the seventies. It isn’t obvious but subtle, there seem to be naturalistic observations and a system that comes from observations of Earth processes. I might be imagining it but that is how I feel about that period and it is varied. 

The current writings seem to be through a lens of technology, in that the writing seems to be a Netflix drama or destined for a screen. The writing is ethnically diverse, the current themes of diversity come through, also those affected by middle eastern conflicts from the past few decades. I haven’t gotten to the Modernist writing yet but these are my current thoughts. I suppose the contrast between the naturalism of Post Modernism and the crisis slash technological lens of current writings seems less than clear cut but evident. I might need to read some more and see if any other observations come to mind.

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