Last few weeks

I was trimming my beard and noticed a rash on my hand, and then I noticed a rash on my other hand. It was definitely a spider bite though only a small spider which I did not notice. The prong marks were obvious on one hand. It didn’t really hurt but I felt a little giddy after though I wish I had of seen it. Sometimes I will find the spider a day or two after. Once I bought a new bike, it was a budget-priced bike and after riding it I had an itchy lower back and I noticed a rash. This continued for a few days until I finally discovered the culprit had been living under my bike seat. It was small but had big fangs and was very aggressive. I coaxed it out onto the pavement and let it be. Spiders won’t normally hang around so my new friend could have left by now.

I was supposed to paint today but my friend has to get his van fixed today, he has had a few issues with the clutch. Next week I have to meet some trades to discuss work on the property in the mountains so I will miss another chance to paint. I was hoping to get away to the mountains with my sister but it looks like I will be covering some work peers shifts then. The past three weeks have been a slog as I had to manage the shop while my boss was away. I think logistics is the hardest part, we never had to do logistics before but now we have to move a lot of stock to other stores. It is simple but time-consuming, and then you have everything else to do as well, such as sales and customer service. 

I have been enjoying drawing lately, also my work was accepted by Randwick Council for the Blenheim house exhibition. I will have to organise how I am going to hang the works, I am thinking of using pins with bull-nose clips or Blutak. I might have to visit an Office supply chain today and see my options. The weather is cold today but clear and bright. I have also started learning some more Chinese today. I think if I can do ten minutes a day I should pick up more, my basics are pretty good already because I have been exposed to a lot of Chinese over the past three years. I still need to do some study as I want to clarify what I know and then expand on it.

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