Graffiti in Sydney

There is a big party this evening celebrating two famous graffiti artists’ birthdays. I don’t go to big graffiti events because of the potential for drama and fights. A day before the event there was a big meet-up of graffiti writers and there was a group that bashed one graffiti artist on the day. I normally try to avoid painting walls in big groups because I have been doing graffiti for quite a while and I have had run-ins over the years with a handful of graffiti writers. Mostly you don’t know if someone from the past will get an opportunity to attack you, so you have to be absent from these events. I would like to socialise but most graffiti artists live in the past and hang onto grudges. I can’t understand the Sydney scene but in a way I can understand it, I think it mostly comes from trauma. A lot of graffiti artists were traumatised over the years and these past events remain unresolved.  I have some bad memories of certain crews and their stand-over tactics but I can’t resolve them and in a way, things have moved on so you can never resolve them now. There are groups I will never trust again and when I meet them old wounds get a little raw again but I can’t do anything other than avoid them.

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