Le Corbusier quote

To draw is first of all to see. … One must penetrate to the very heart of things through research and exploration. Drawing is a language, a science, a means of expression, a means of transmitting thought.…. For the artist, drawing presents the sole means for arriving without constraint at the discovery of taste, of expressions of beauty and emotion. Drawing for the artist is a method by which he searches, he scrutinizes, notes and classifies, a means of discovering what he wants to observe, understanding it and then translating and explaining it. … Drawing is also a game…I have always drawn. Landscapes,architecture, bottles and glasses in the bistro, lanterns, seashells, stones, butcher’s bones, pebbles, little women, bestiaries, these are the stages, the keys. Drawing is stenography……..In 1948 I wrote, “I think that if anyone gives any worth to my work… it is to this secret task that one must give a profound virtue.”… Drawing, itself, is a witness. An impartial witness and the engine of the creator’s works. Witness also to a terrible battle: that of painting… Each day of my life has been dedicated in part to drawing. I have never stopped drawing and painting, seeking, where I could find them, the secrets of form.

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