Flatulent robots!!!!

In the late nineties, we witnessed the explosion of the internet and it affected my art practice, in my aerosol art I was bringing reference material I had printed from Google images of bacteria, cells and my own drawings. In 2000 I created a couple of walls that were in this vein. As the rise of the internet settled and the new millennium had started I did various other work, I think my main concern over the first decade of the new millennium was what did I need to do to stay human. In what ways am I unique from robots or rising technologies? I referenced robots in a 2008 collaboration with Zapgalaxy that I called ‘Mission to Mars’ in 2009 I did a portrait of Kase2 who created the style ‘Computer Rock’ in the eighties and the portrait was my way of outdoing any rising technologies and staying as creative as possible. In 2009 there were gimmicky robot drawing technologies but this sounded an alarm to me so I was determined to be as creative as ‘humanly’ possible.

Something that I obsessively followed for many years was technology trends and after the first decade of the millennium I kept the same push for my own creativity eventually, I found correlations in silent movies that helped me go in some new directions. Over the past few years, Artificially Intelligent robots are doing some pretty cool paintings and this is what I was worried about in 2009. Now it is here, yet I can still do walls and so far robots aren’t out there in the larger world doing street art. The point for me was to stay creative.

When I was painting legal walls in the early years of the new millennium my friends made fun of me for bringing so much reference material to a wall. I never said why because it seemed like the obvious thing to do. The point is, to be creative and stay that way. Sometimes I feel like people have become robots or robot-like. That is why I eventually turned to silent movies like ‘Alita Queen of Mars’ because it made me feel that the inhumanity of today was in the same naive vein of the early twentieth century. Yet my hope that this is true could be naive in itself and maybe the rise of technology will overtake humanity. We will see.

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