The past few months I have spent a lot of time socialising, last night I went to a work function and met some people I have known for a while but never really had the chance to connect with properly and I met some new faces. It is hard for people to get out of their routines and meet some friends for lunch and a walk has been a new routine this month that most people can’t fit in. I do appreciate the fact that I have a few friends who make a big effort to get together. At the same time, I feel like I could do with a holiday but that is a long way off. Yet hanging out and doing walks has been pretty good as well. I am quite keen on a visit to the art gallery sometime next week, I will probably have a look at the Archibald but I am more interested in the reopening of the Indigenous section and contemporary art section downstairs of the gallery. I am not quite sure when they will reopen so I will have a look next week anyway.

The work function was really good I thought, after the function, I messaged a very prolific aerosol artist who organised the Surface Festival in Canberra to see how things were going. I took a while to get in touch because I felt he would have needed some time to regroup after such a massive festival. I am trying to make sure I keep in touch with as many artists as I can, it can be very easy for artists to be so invested in work goals that they forget to keep in touch. That is a problem I have for all of the wrong reasons.

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