Like minded

There are a lot of high-end artists on the Sydney scene, some of the work is so refined and seems to defy reality. Graffiti on the other hand seems to keep reeling into its socially relegated path to the dumpster and rubbish in general. A few people who see the Sydney art scene in all its finery look at the egotistically deluded graffiti scene with great disappointment. That is understandable on many levels and I really chose a bad path as an artist to make aerosol work. Though when I made the decision to stick to aerosol work it seemed like the right decision. I suppose it depends on how it is presented in a gallery if presented at all. Some aerosol artists are influential though they tend to be rare and mostly overseas.

The idea I had for the exhibition of drawings that relate to aerosol work is still a feasible idea and I think there is always room to keep expanding what graffiti can be. There is so much that tends to push against the small things that seem worthwhile. So much noise is in the system, the job is how to add the filters although it can be about refining the fine particles and that is what the filter does. I feel like the mundane gimmicks and populist agendas have also relegated aerosol art to a bad place. There are quite a few aerosol artists who seem to think they are making groundbreaking work and maybe I am coming from the same place. Although even if I am I don’t expect anyone to care because I am working for the therapy. I also know I am not very relevant anymore in the scene.

I think I just want to escape reality most of the time. There are walls to work on and they are not walls for popular work, they are not landmarks in an architectural sense like street art can be but an irrelevant dialogue for a background for a tourist’s mobile phone photograph or the pedestrians meandering attention. Sometimes the dialogue is with yourself, mostly I find people appreciate some kind of effort even if it leads to failure. I think what keeps me going is my imagination and an interest in working on walls, as well as working with other media to keep myself occupied and engaged with a small group of like-minded people.

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