Drax, Titian and little people

My friend sent me a YouTube video of Drax’s 1994 classic ‘Amphetamine’ and I went onto Bandcamp and bought three versions of the song, it is such a classic and I remember hearing it and similar work in the early nineties. I feel like that music is the inspiration for so much of my aerosol work, especially over the past ten years or so. I especially revisited the euphoria and excitement of dance parties in some of my work, now I have had it on heavy rotation since last night. I went to my first Acid house parties in the late eighties when I was only around fifteen years of age. I felt those parties changed me, I didn’t touch drugs at those parties but had a quiet beer or two. You didn’t really need drugs because it was such an inspiring experience. Larger than anything I had ever seen, a massive dance floor and acid beats.

I listened to the Cementa ‘Art Resides’ podcasts today and I was very interested in the artists and their processes as well as the reaction from the small country town of Kandos that has been turned into a hub of contemporary art. As one of the residents said, contemporary art is very challenging for most people and I think it is interesting to see how this art community has engaged with Kandos and its community. I can’t get out of Sydney for a while so my youngest is going there to volunteer for a few days. I hope they enjoy it and get some inspiration. Hopefully one day I can go because I would like to but it may be a while before that happens. 

I did a study of Titian’s ‘Christ with a crown of thorns’ which was what I did on my last street work, also some twenty years ago. I really enjoy painting at the moment and my dreams are a kind of strange journey across the world which is interesting. I slept in until midday and I think I really needed it, I am going to see my Mum tomorrow afternoon for an early Mother’s day as I am meeting a couple of friends on Sunday for lunch. I seem to have eyes everywhere, I heard that someone saw my mate who got out of gaol lurking around the public housing not that far away. I hope he isn’t getting into too much trouble, there are trap houses in a lot of public housing and there is a lot of drama and addiction.

I saw my ex-partner and her son today up at the shops, we caught the bus together and she was telling me of some interesting goings-on. It is strange what life throws at you, all sorts of secrets and family dramas, I might pop in and see her son this weekend sometime, maybe Sunday afternoon, I have a children’s book for him I bought that is by a blogger I follow on this platform. He is an adorable little kid and I enjoy seeing him. It was funny a little voice told me that I would bump into them today and then we did.

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