The climactic woooo!

It is really strange being older, for one young people can feel intimidated when they meet you. I think I am definitely in the older category, the best part of being older is not getting caught up in utter garbage that people find themselves swimming in. Although I know older people who are still knee-deep in excrement from life choices. I am not perfect either but I know what I enjoy doing, to others that in itself would be a nightmare. This post is more about knowing my place and what is expected of me as an older citizen of the world. It is also tricky when people first meet you and maybe they are younger and will be very cautious with you. Then I get nervous and watch what I say to not make them even more nervous and I wonder if the ice will ever be broken. Everything takes time and people come and go.

I have a friend who recently got out of gaol and I am hopeful they can stay out of gaol but it is very easy to get into certain crowds and there are traps everywhere. For one thing, items you want that are useful seem just out of reach so when you can afford them you appreciate them but absolute shite is always within reach like drugs etcetera. They seem to be everywhere even though they are mostly illegal. You can get drugs on any corner and I am not exaggerating for those that just spent years sober outside society have a lot of garbage on offer. That is where my poem ‘Woooo!!’ comes from, it is the expression the high make, the excited or the elated make when they get to that climax. The problem for would-be addicts is the sharp dropdown.

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