Motivation and aggravation

I definitely know a few disillusioned people, I think I am somewhat disillusioned as well by some things but I manage to stay motivated and keep in mind that there are equal amounts of good and bad in the world as well as in the whole universe. They are complex, in that so many different parts intermix and are in flux all of the time. Energy is bombarding the Earth from so many sources although mainly from the Sun. If I itemised some things I would include are.

Architecture (buildings that look a bit fascist and don’t look welcoming)

Housing pressures (so many homeless)

Wage stagnation (working more for less [less and less])

Market focused political leadership (leaders with lots of economic spins and little substance or concern for the below-average worker)

Making scientific research facilities chaired by gas executives

Ignoring big issues for the profit of fossil fuel investors and the coal lobby

Slowing the adoption of renewable energy via using politics and demonising ‘greenies’ as nutcases (there are many layers to this one)

Constantly creating debate and never-ending research as an excuse to not to commit to a plan that will have long term benefits rather than short term benefits (America and big multinational companies have mastered this [spearheaded by tobacco companies]) 

I could keep going but I don’t want to sit at my computer for the rest of the week and I am not here to get caught up in what annoys me. What I can say though is I am still motivated and I think I am motivated by people who are no longer with us anymore. I feel that I want them to know that I haven’t given up and I am genuinely interested in the creation of therapeutic art. There is a lot that annoys me about art as well but there is also a lot that motivates me when I see friends with strong art feeling disillusioned I can on a level understand why but on another level I still get excited. I think that comes from my imagination rather than a logical place. I could be a bit stupid as well but that can sometimes help you imagine something that a lot of people would feel repelled by. 

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