It is developed

Helped my youngest out and arrived back home for a quick tea and some food will be heading back to meet up for a quick drawing session but before that, I need to get some paper suitable for painting on at the art store. Over the past two years since having enough space to make art in, I have accumulated a collection. Was thinking it would be a good idea to have an exhibition that shows the drawing process behind the aerosol work I do, say for example you may have a bunch of drawings, some finished, some working drawings and general drawings then show two or three photos of graffiti walls that were part of that process. In a way, all of the aerosol work relate to the drawings and it might be educational to show that in an exhibition. Ideally, as a regional travelling show to show young aspiring aerosol artists that aerosol work isn’t just what you see on the internet. There seems to be a real lack of innovation with the rise of the internet as artists can simply borrow other people’s styles.

It is good that people can find inspiration in copying but what about your own practice? Even if what you do is somewhat ugly or unfinished isn’t it better to be your own? So this exhibition would highlight how you make your own style through explorative drawing, the drawings can come from any manner of sources, it all depends on how you work them out as finished works, they also could be unfinished if that is how it is developed. 

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