Fully Cooked art practice since 1993

Something that has followed me around like a bad smell is the concept of being ‘fully cooked’, what does that mean in local slang? Well, it means you have probably been on the end of an ice pipe blasting brain cells away and now you have a spray can or whatever and you have made a fully cooked piece from your psychotic stupor. Ever since the early nineties when I started branching into art people called me fully cooked, personally I find it quite amusing because in a way I do qualify as being fully cooked with my mental condition. Since around 2011 I have tried to embrace the concept of fully cooked art because for years I simply tried to bury it. I felt I had a dual practice of what is considered real graffiti although my concept of real graffiti is painting trains only and I was doing street graffiti and my artistic expression. So now my art and graffiti are the same things, although the only duality I employ is reference images from other people’s photos and reference material of my own photos with the most important to my practice being work from my own drawing and my own photos. I take aerosol art very seriously and feel I can use it as a valid expression of the world I create in my practice. 

A lot of new generation painters are quite ignorant to self-expression, they are caught up in masculine stereotypes and can have a lot of problems of their own in regards to their personal lives, family etcetera. I find older generation painters can be exactly the same but a small percentage can be quite into self-expression and find it interesting. I don’t really have an opinion on hardcore graffiti because I feel that is relegated to trains and hardcore culture which is mostly train veterans or younger hardcore graffiti writers. I don’t pretend I have any place in that world, I feel I did it when I was younger and it is a full-time job, not a weekend hobby, I have a job and a pretty standard life with responsibilities and I am not going to go doing illegal graffiti occasionally and think I am some kind of hardcore painter. I did illegal graffiti for twenty years but only five years was truly hardcore, the rest was just street tagging and that was once a relaxing past time if you consider today’s CCTV monitored police state. I am saddened by the general ignorance of art in Australian culture and the hyper-conservative attitudes that pervade every part of Australian culture. I am always trying to break out of that.

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