The week so far

It has only been a few weeks since I stopped using social media, I have to say I don’t miss it. Sometimes decisions are made that only make sense later, for example, I have had so much to deal with on a few fronts that I am glad my head isn’t buried in my phone scrolling away. It is definitely well-timed, sometimes you just know that a lot is coming up and you have to be ready for it. I guess things have been building for a while and work is quite busy as well with interesting projects coming up and I have a lot of things to manage in my own life as well. It is going to take most of the year to get a few things done and I am already firing off emails and being present for some of the challenges that are starting to present themselves.

I suppose for many years I have been a parent mostly but then I had a while where I was just suiting myself and off in my own head, I didn’t really have the responsibilities I have now. Well they were different in any case and I am in new territory now, so I won’t be back on any social platform for years by the looks of it if at all. I tell my friends I will go back on it when things settle but I think that is just a ploy, a lie perhaps because I feel like I have shaken off something that has irked me for a long time. Social media never sat well for me, I think it did more harm than good. I even feel that some people started avoiding me because of it, although I could be reading too much into things though I doubt it.

This past week which is still in play has been busy and a little overwhelming at times, I was finding it hard to escape work on time and I was held back or some calamity took place in my home life. It was hard to get my Qi Gong routine in check as something external blew my day out, there have been Train strikes, high workloads, leaking ceilings, negligent builders, or at least thoughtless builders and a few high-stress situations. I went for a long walk this evening and saw my ex-partner and her son as he jumped in puddles and was adorable in a very messy kind of way. My walk took around an hour as a round trip and I managed to get some Qi Gong in earlier in the afternoon. It is humid and I am dripping with sweat even though I am sitting down writing. I need a shower and a good sleep now.

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