around the inner city

The other day I was standing on the street eating a hummus and tabouli roll looking at some posters thinking about taking a photo of them when the owner of the eatery I got the roll from came past and had a talk. He was telling me some of the dramas that had gone on in the eatery and about how business people had started to lose motivation in the difficult times with the pandemic. We normally have a chat in the eatery but he was coming back with a coffee from a small coffee business that operates out of a small windowed room down the road. They do a good coffee and take their time brewing tea as well, even if it isn’t leaf tea they at least show some care in the brew. After our talk, I totally forgot to take the photo of the posters and crossed the road to buy some spray paint. Then I got my tea from the little coffee place, I walked down to the train station to use the bathroom and then caught a tram into the city.

There is an art store in the city and I got a few large papers for drawing, they are not cheap but the quality is worth it. I need to go through some more reference photos I took soon and get onto the next drawing. What is strange is that I spent a lot of time just standing around looking at things and thinking about if they held a higher meaning. For example, if those posters would be a window into the present after years have passed. I have a lot of photos of things like that from over twenty years ago and they seem to have something about them that is interesting now. Although the cars probably give more away, the models of cars and models are on posters that show the style of the era. I have taken photos of the wall before but from other angles, because it always has new posters. I hadn’t stood in front of it and thought about it before.

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