Knife letter soup and derivatives

A few masters of the graffiti craft blaze trails in style but the most innovative usually break away from aerosol work altogether. When you look at what some style masters propose as a way ahead, it makes me understand why so many true innovators leave the craft behind. Either it is proposed that style is simply a reference to digital three-dimensional work, lighting and effects type work, anti-style or a combination of all three. What I feel is missing is just plain old life drawing or at least a rudimentary understanding of it. Graffiti is actually quite ahead of the curve in a lot of ways in that it adopts technology but is technology the way ahead? Then of course you have anti-style and its derivatives saying the hand of the artist and lo-fi technology is the way forward. You also have something in between with artists masking up their freights or walls and producing gradient effects which are more like design. Some of these styles have their grandmasters and they do it well but I am banking on art knowledge and taking forward the case that drawing with key elements of life drawing, whether it is abstract or not doesn’t matter as the work relies on contrast, weight, proportion and composition to be ahead of the curve.

Personally I am tired of technology, it has become boring, look at NFT’s they are just filling a void that the digital world opens up, memes are about the only interesting thing the digital realm has branded besides movies that require zero imagination to guarantee momentary ‘good times’. Some of the work proposed by some style masters looks like angry sharp three dimensional knife soup, or other work looks like the artist secretly wants to be a lighting expert but couldn’t get in the lighting industry. Thankfully a lot of graffiti just relies on plain old style to make an impact and can still hold its own but you do want to blaze your own trail and not caught up in copying the work of others. I am hoping I can bring drawing to bring some good work to the table that is original but also has a bit of depth. I think technology needs to be avoided as much as possible. At least in regards to the paths that have been around for the last twenty years. Artificial Intelligence with Ganbreeders is another reference tool, it is a little more interesting than 3d knife letter soup. 

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