General goings on late January

I deleted my business profiles on social media, only in that I haven’t done any business or paid mural work for a while. Also, I feel like going private on Instagram as it isn’t important to my practice. I have made connections on the platform and I do share work, there are some people overseas who are engaged with the work I make and hopefully one day in the next year or two I can head overseas and meet some of these people. I keep finding interesting artists on Instagram and recently I saw the work of ‘Scratch my Nose’ a multimedia group that has been active since the 1980s. Also, other work from Europe has come to light that is interesting and there was a quote by an artist about form being superior to ideas, in that ideas can pull people apart and form can in many ways bring them together. When I think of graffiti in Sydney I can see how form or style in graffiti creates so many strata, yet there will be work that people can’t argue about because it is so agreeable. I don’t see that being very positive personally because then people don’t need to think anymore and either agree or disagree on form without clear ideas. 

I did a study of a sculpture I saw online, I didn’t finish it because it was too dictated by real space and dimensions, I think that sort of work is immensely popular because people can be comforted by the fact that the piece though abstract in the pattern is largely dictated by realism. When I was drawing it, the reality became boring, I tried to layer the study but realised I couldn’t move around the piece and gauge its dimensions, instead I was stuck in a reference from an angle that was attractive with another reference on top that didn’t work. That is the good thing about a study, you can see if something in the drawing is going somewhere. I then started a painting on paper, deciding to simply play with my usual flat space, possibly hinting at depth here and there, I love the fact that paint can be pushed around and sit as though above or below in an illusion. I don’t think I could be a sculptor in that I can’t engage with real space, I need illusions only.

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