One good thing

One good thing about keeping a blog is having a way of knowing exactly when certain events started or were in progress, it looks like my Dad started running into trouble in 2015 and I think I thought it was sometime later. Of course, the really serious issues started in 2019 but it was those initial warning signs in 2015 that I battled through for years and it was super stressful. When Dad got cancer a lot of the problems from 2015 were actually dealt with by the hospital. 

I am not trying to dredge up the past but I was looking at some of the main posts from each year of my blog and then I realised when my stress levels started to get a bit out of control. I am not a particularly stressed type of person but I spent so many years worrying about my Dad. I am talking over decades, but 2015 was really the final straw, I was in contact with a lot of Dad’s network but nobody could help him help himself.

Since Dad passed away I am not worried about him because his spirit has left the physical world behind, my Mum is far more sensible and I know she wouldn’t refuse medical help if she needed it. My stress levels have dropped significantly and I don’t have a lot of difficult people to worry about. There are a few changes in the air, I am leaving a lot of stressful stuff behind.

I am starting to disengage more from the Sydney graffiti scene, I will still be painting but not with many people. I won’t be on social media much anymore as I have found it far more relaxing to avoid the constant stream of stuff that has nothing to do with anything. There are valuable things in everything, yet everything valuable is in limited supply, I want to be like that, limited edition and enjoying life in the here and now.

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