Zero point

I enjoy talking to a range of people from different backgrounds and persuasions. I have made a lot of friends over the years who I probably could never get in the same space as they are all so different. I don’t see them all that much these days, I think for me it is important to have my own space, I rarely impose my own ideas onto others unless I think they are really off track. A lot of people including myself have a dialogue going in their head about whatever it is they are on about, if you are quiet enough the person you are talking to will let you hear their dialogue. Maybe they were an ex-criminal and they will fill you in on their world, what goes on in their life, what it is they are on about. Yet nobody will tell you everything, you have to follow the thread, then find what they didn’t say and put it into the thread. What people don’t tell you is the straight truth, nobody wants to hear the truth, if the truth comes out in plain sight you should be worried. It shows they have let go, they don’t want to hide anymore, they want to bring you fully into their world, even if you don’t want to be there.

Sometimes you have to stop the dialogue, walk away, go back into the safety of your own world, not even I can tell the truth on this blog, the truth is hidden in plain sight. The workings of energies, the way things in the world mix with our bodies, forget about the mind, the mind is just our body as well. The world outside of us is the cosmic soup, attraction, repulsion, indifference we are always taking from around us, little by little the world around us comes in and out. Very few of us have insight into our own behaviours, how they get us where we are, I am no different, I see the paths that are there, I make choices, some choices I can’t make, some I can. I have only wanted some peace in my life, I have that and I make careful choices to preserve that. A lot of people find peace boring, they want a series of stories to develop that they live, even if it is hellish, even if it drives peace away, that’s why people don’t really believe peace can be achieved. Peace is living with yourself, you can observe the world yet it isn’t imposing on you. You have achieved the zero point, become zero and time don’t matter anymore. 

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