At any cost

I briefly wrote about why you want to avoid goals lol a little while back. Like I said goals are obviously good things to have but to clarify it is important to also be happy with what you have. Of course, you could have what seems like nothing or next to nothing. What I am mainly trying to express more or less is aimed at people who do have a lot already but want to relentlessly keep ticking boxes. I have a friend in a rather degrading job and he has to deal with people in luxury cars encroaching on his business all of the time because it seems like an opportunity open to everyone. So I am not going to go into detail because I don’t want to give people ideas. It does seem that the luxury car driving set is happy to demean themselves in low-grade work that other people actually need to make a few extra dollars. Isn’t it time people were happy with what they have?

What does this have to do with goals? A lot actually. If you are hell-bent on getting from A to B at any cost then you have a problem. Picking from every wealth source or getting a bunch of qualifications in your already burgeoning set of qualifications then you have to think, do I have a problem? If you are so full of hope for the forever distant future goal or goals then why are you so miserable with what you have now? Is life these days so bad that people need to do the most degrading job as well as drive a luxury vehicle into the most lovely places beyond most peoples means? So as you can see I am not begrudging goals in general, just those that seem to be about taking every single scrap of small change and limelight from the rest of the people who actually need what you have greedily taken or are planning to take in your quest to avoid the misery of the present people seem to loathe.

At the same time, people who seem disinterested in goals and won’t do anything much to improve their own set of skills seem ripe for criticism as well. Yet their problem is all their own. Maybe we need some balance, yet balance doesn’t seem to exist. It is all or nothing. Living in hope screams of dissatisfaction, goals are addictive because they are delayed, taken and stored away in a CV that looks like it’s criticising every other lazy nobody in a quest that never ends. Everything we do affects other people. Are the people sleeping homeless on the streets there because everyone rode the property market for gain or are they just lacking goals? Do we need more goals and education to keep people in the goal sausage factory? Or could we stop being selfish and share our wealth? Maybe make goals inclusive? Ok, I find the word ‘inclusive’ overused in a society full of people ticking their own boxes. Maybe everyone has realised they are in so much debt that they literally can’t stop for even a second?  

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