When inspiration strikes

Over the years I have been blogging I have come across and interacted with a variety of bloggers. A few have come and gone over the years. There are so many platforms to choose from these days. You may happen to find a better platform for your style or a bigger audience. Or just stop altogether as whatever goal you set has reached its goal or not reached its goal. Maybe the cause gets lost as other more pressing issues arise.

I remember finding one blog that blew my mind. It was by a younger writer who was exploring personal issues. It was raw, honest and fascinating as most of us don’t want to go there. I made the mistake of interacting with their blog and they must have had the shock of their life when they knew someone was reading their blog. They promptly made it private and haven’t been seen or heard of since, at least to my knowledge.

I have seen business blogs that were actually interesting come and go. I am not even that into business but it was pretty in-depth stuff about attitudes and approaches to business. There is a lot going on in the world of blogging. Last year I joined the Art Gallery of New South Wales as a member and have been receiving their magazine called ‘Look’ which I have been forcing myself to read. When I say force, I love reading but generally, I spend a lot of time avoiding it. I avoid it by listening to music or drawing.

When I read a book, for example, I will find it a chore until I get around halfway through. Then after the halfway mark I finally commit and actually finish it relatively quickly. At the same time, I also avoid drawing until I really have to do it. I think it is because I need things to slowly build up, then I can use that backlog as the momentum. Because when I read or draw or do anything it always flows effortlessly. It is like a wave that slowly builds then quickly releases its energy which erodes the rock or pushes the sand in or out.

So I do get around to things but I always wait for the momentum to build. It is like my street art. If I end up painting every week I never actually get any momentum and have to rely on quick solutions. So I normally wait. The longer you wait the bigger the wave, the bigger the energy builds. Then out of nowhere inspiration strikes.

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