It has been an interesting year for blogging. Over the past six years or so I have actually been writing less and less as each year goes by. Even though I am posting less, engagement has increased quite steadily. Generally, I post when inspiration strikes or I want to summarise goings-on like I am doing now. I should probably be taking more notes but I want to see what ideas survive.

On another note when I think of old friends from school who went down a difficult life path, I take stock and remember that even if you do all of the right things, things won’t be easy. I know of guys who get upset because they landed back in jail or ended up back on drugs, but even if they had gotten a dead-end job and slaved away for years, they may not have ended up back in trouble but would still face many challenges regardless.

Seeing my Dad struggling over the past few years makes me realise that life is a challenge. Nothing is easy. The main thing you get out of a job, even if it is below average, is you get a routine. You have to manage your expenses and keep yourself presentable. I am not trying to be conservative and say get a job or any of that but just saying that if you can manage all of the things that life throws at you. Like a bad hand for example you can at least stay off drugs or out of jail. On the other hand, I am not exactly above the unpredictability of life, so I am not preaching but saying whether you are stuck in jail or stuck on drugs or stuck paying taxes or stuck holding down a job, nothing is easy.

Although if you manage to turn up to work every day and do your job, you get thirty minutes to have lunch and unwind. If you are working full time, you are entitled to four weeks of holidays a year. So whatever perks you can get in life, they don’t come easily. Sometimes it takes people three generations to become wealthy, and the wealthy three generations to lose their wealth.

I sometimes had guys say that I was talented, and that was why I could do art, yet to get the basics of life drawing and painting was such a long hard slog. Like I said I am not talking myself up because I am technically a failed artist and only do it for therapy. Obviously, I do get some perks, only because of the work I have put in. I also feel that my mates who struggled with other issues were just as deserving of self-expression and creativity as anybody else. I like what a German graffiti artist who mainly works on art paper said to me when I said his work was great, he replied “always”. 

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