Big weekend

I had a very social weekend just gone, there was a thanksgiving dinner at my sisters and a friends barbecue the next day. I also got out with a friend to do quick aerosol work on Saturday. I haven’t done any aerosol work for three or four months with the lockdown. Thanksgiving dinner was great as I got to see one of my sister’s old friends who I knew from when I was growing up. It is always nice to remember how much things have changed and the stories from back when we were all younger. I also tried alcohol-free red wine which wasn’t too bad, I haven’t drunk alcohol for over ten years. I miss the taste of alcoholic drinks but alcohol affects my medication and I can have very disturbing schizophrenic dreams when I drink alcohol which I prefer to avoid. I am determined to try alcohol-free stout but I have to wait until it reaches Australian shores. I went to Kmart to look for some bathroom accessories but it seems that stock is a bit all over the place. With shipping issues ongoing I suppose that certain items are sitting on a dock somewhere.

The barbecue was great, my friend is half Greek and he had his family over and some great Greek food was devoured. It was relaxing and I felt I got to know my friend a little better. He showed me his home which is in the middle of a renovation. It is a great place and I think his renovations are going to turn out great. The place is already worth a small fortune and he is going to add some more value. I had my youngest with me at my sister’s dinner and I managed to get her back to her mothers without too much fuss. We were quite away from home but the train line was close and we got a bus then a taxi. I was worried I wouldn’t wake up in time for my friend’s barbecue. What amazed me was how I got to his door exactly on time, not one minute late or early, I rang the doorbell at exactly the hour it started. This coming weekend is a bit quieter, and I will be meeting an old friend who also knew my Dad as we grew up together in the same area.

Painting my aerosol work always leads to surprises as I didn’t imagine it would turn out how it did. It is interesting how I seem to make aerosol work that is influenced by all sorts of other genres. It had a New York TFP feel to it, I had a drawing for it and I can see how that drawing made the work come out like it did.

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