Everything worth doing takes a lifetime

Over the past few years, I bump into people and they will say how healthy I look. I never feel comfortable with this. I think the reason for this is my disdain for goal-oriented thinking. I don’t feel I can take things for granted only because a lesson I have had drilled into my head the past few years is: how do you maintain things and keep maintaining things? Why are goals so scary? Also, there is no reason to celebrate success because the real problem is how do you maintain it? Maintaining these things takes daily effort and requires education to keep an attitude focused on maintenance. I never go into much detail on my blog only because I have spent thousands of dollars learning about how to maintain things. A lot of people are goal-oriented, there is nothing bad about that at all. For most people, it is a good motivator. The problem though is two-sided. There is a chance you won’t reach the goal and then start another goal. The biggest problem is actually reaching your goal. Especially if you can’t maintain it.

Even if you can maintain things it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed anything. There is the old saying that the will is strong and the flesh is weak. I am not far off being fifty and I feel like I have this constant pressure to maintain what I can. I also don’t want to stand out from the crowd. I don’t care how I look but I don’t want to be a slob as well. So when people say how healthy I look I feel like I don’t want to celebrate. I just want to put that effort in and keep going. I don’t want to celebrate, especially at the moment as we are still in a global pandemic and politically the country I am living in is a hopeless mess. The times I am happy is when I am doing my Qi Gong or other lifestyle things attached to that. Everything else seems a bit of a burden. In saying that though what I like about Qi Gong is you only need to do about an hour a day. I can do other activities and so forth but I look forward to switching off and feeling the energy as it cycles. I suppose it is like the energy from a wave as it builds and falls yet it cycles over and over again. Some repetitive tasks can be very comforting yet each cycle is unique in itself. Then you can choose to do the moves for different parts of your body that might need work. Everything worth doing takes a lifetime.

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