A few questions

Something I have heard in Taoist classes is that the universe is divided into equal amounts of positive and negative energy. If you paint two squares of equal size, one black and one white, the white square will always look bigger. Yet they are equal. Negative energy is mysterious and mostly hidden. Positive energy is bright and expanding outwards. Together they bring harmony to the universe. The more negative energy you bear the less positive energy you can carry and vice versa. The point of Qi Gong is to cultivate positive energy and remove the negative energy. This job never ends. There will always be some negative energy. The physical body itself is negative energy. Yet we need it. We also need to cultivate positive energy. Yet there will always be equal amounts of positive and negative energy pervading the universe.

I went looking for schizophrenic drawings the other day in a random couple of searches and came across a lot of art by younger artists which looked more like ‘brut art’ than work I had seen some six years ago. I think the work I saw a while ago was illustrative of delusions rather than examples of ‘brut art’. They were drawings from the early twentieth century and they had the lines denoting energy. The new stuff I saw looked pretty unimaginative but it was just a basic search. I think I need to find a good book with drawings by schizophrenic patients. The most obvious schizophrenic artist was Van Gogh. He showed flowing energy in most of his work and had a big influence on art-making up until today.

I remember in 2018 I felt as though energy was blasting down from space on a rather sleepless night. I had heard that there was a star in the Chinese zodiac that was dominant that year. It was an inauspicious star. As I have schizophrenia I either imagined or felt its energy at different times of the night. Maybe I could do a drawing of that. Maybe I already have. Who knows what these mysterious energies look like. What forms for example are somewhere beyond the sights of scientific instruments? Was that one of the reasons abstract art suddenly bloomed? Or was it just to fulfil an art career? Or to contrast Communist social realism? Or to be found on a search on an internet search engine? I also heard that you should be asking questions rather than giving answers. Maybe art is just a lot of questions. 

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