Blood pressure

One health problem that I have had is high blood pressure. It seems that I am sensitive to fats. I do avoid fatty food mind you. My own diet is very simple and I prefer it that way. I have to be careful when I grab food on the go to make sure it is not fatty. Mostly that is easy though sometimes there are hidden surprises even in something fairly healthy. Of course, I can handle a small amount of fat but generally if in a day I go over a certain quota I will have issues. I can’t eat fried foods, mostly I don’t anyway. My normal work breakfast is a salad sandwich, I can’t do bacon and egg rolls. The funny thing is I feel satisfied with simple food anyway. Dinner will normally be steamed vegetables with rice and sometimes lean kangaroo meat. It doesn’t take much fat to set my blood pressure off. There are ways to offset high blood pressure. One is chrysanthemum tea which I always have handy. Also, hawthorn can be added to chrysanthemum tea to help with cardiovascular health. My regimen of Tai Chi helps as well. This particular issue only started happening as I got to forty years of age. I found out that it is listed as a particular condition recently. It is where your body can’t tolerate fats anymore and it manifests in high blood pressure. The discomfort from high blood pressure is something else. Before I started to change my diet I still ran into issues. Then I started cutting out the food that brought the high blood pressure on and I had big improvements. My GP had no idea what was going on even though I went in several times. I was also hospitalised a couple of times and no amount of tests or anything else found any prognosis. Oh well, at least I experimented and listened to my body.

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