White boy fantasy

Well, things are a little complicated at the moment. Though it isn’t anything too serious. I think you can say that getting older brings more responsibility. That isn’t a bad thing really. I can’t see myself having much time for endless collaborations or collaborations in general. You need time to relax as well. This is all amongst your responsibilities and duties. I don’t really know what post lockdown life will be like but it may be a little bit limited. Spring has started which is a good sign. Even Covid needs a rest. We are in the peak infection period now. Normally it will start to decline in the next fortnight. I will still get time to do some work on walls going forward but it won’t be as much as the last few years. Since 2014 there has been a steady stream of aerosol work. In these ‘survival’ times art is just a luxury and overlooked for entertainment style art. I would describe a lot of the mural art, street art, merchandise based art that I see as entertainment. It is nice to look at, it can be illustrative and is perfect eye candy. This type of stuff hasn’t really taken over fine art as that operates in a whole other sphere. I think I am a fan of graffiti artists like ‘Taven’ making canvas work that celebrates hardcore graffiti. Only in that, it isn’t as self-conscious or commercial as some street art equivalents. I look at a lot of work from Europe and London on Flickr. There is a mix of street art and graffiti styles. I find some of the street art I see online tedious and even the most naive graffiti is interesting. The styles I see in Europe are generally borrowing from the eighties styles though simple two or three colours are normally used. Wolfgang Josten wolfgang josten is a photographer I follow on Flickr and the work is varied and to me is more interesting than seeing a kitsch street artwork. Though don’t get me wrong there is still some good street art being done. The problem with graffiti though is the ‘white boy fantasy’ of being hardcore and there are moments of that in graffiti which is a bit unfortunate. I still find it entertaining though like that merchandise I was talking of earlier. At least it makes me laugh.

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