Early spring

It looks like I have had a big dose of reality lately. The lockdown numbers haven’t yet spiked for one. I have some issues with my Dad to deal with. Luckily my sister and her husband have been a great help dealing with my Dad and his ongoing care. I am watching some of my Dad’s bills roll in and I am getting those taken care of slowly. So far so good. Normally I am delving into some form of art therapy. Lately, it has been drawing. I think things going forward will change a bit for my ongoing work in aerosol art. I probably won’t have as much time to devote to it. This is actually fine because I would rather spend time with my Dad while he is still doing pretty well. I should still be able to get out and do my aerosol work on community walls but it will be once every three weeks at most. I think I will try and draw more to keep ideas moving. Then select the most interesting for that month. The only reason I mention this is I probably won’t do much freestyle work. At the end of the day, it is difficult and takes a lot of concentration. Since all of these events, I think my headspace has shrunk a little lately, or at least I have dedicated some attention to other priorities in my life.

Dad most likely won’t be able to walk again but he really didn’t want surgery so he seems to have accepted his decision to not get the surgery and the repercussions. Lately, he seems less tired and more talkative. Lockdown is most likely going to be for two more months the way things are currently going. I had a look at the data on world meters dot com and checked out the charts for coronavirus in Australia. So we are at our third wave. This wave eclipses the other two and hasn’t peaked yet. Currently, the third wave hasn’t had as large a death rate so far. It is far lower than the other two waves but is still growing. I am still surprised to see so many not wearing masks. The information around masks has always been mixed since the outbreak began which is probably why the infections have been rather alarming. 

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