Illumination: A poem

Some time ago

On a night with rain

Imagined yet once real

A few minutes walk from Redfern train station

A person was projected like light

Into this other world

This light highlighted the mist and droplets

Suspended in air

Like a life that had disappeared

Yet regained as rain does

A place in our mind clear yet momentary

Life comes from the darkness

To that light which brightens

Watching the weather change

As do we

In a place

The body once placed in chains

People projected in our fantasm

Was he valued?

Did his parents exist?

Were there addictions that followed blood,

Not bloodlines or both?

The police station was also lit

As the rain shimmered in air

That we all share

As though that was enough

To be breathing, alive,

Loved, scalded, imprisoned

Fraught with misgivings,

As though we only mattered when illuminated.

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