extended lockdown

The lockdown has been extended until the end of the month. Most likely it will be longer as infection rates are higher than expected. In my local area, a beach side suburb, a lot of people are not wearing masks. Mainly as it is an outdoor lifestyle type of area. Recently three sites in my area became hotspots for COVID. The business I work for, which is pretty far from my area, is now delivery and contactless pick up only. We can only hope things don’t get any worse or we will have to shut down. I noticed more people wearing masks locally which can only be a good sign. There are around two weeks before lockdown ends, is that enough time to turn things around? Maybe, maybe not. I was going to get some new shoes, which isn’t a necessity, so I will wait a few more weeks or possibly get some online. In a way the new business restrictions should be ok as at work we mainly deliver goods anyway. I am sure the phones will be running hot Monday. There are a lot of tradies trying to finish their jobs. Construction has been halted so let’s see what happens.

I have simplified my life for work. I have been off social media for a few months and I have been less stressed. My blood pressure is manageable and my diet is far better than a few months back. It was a shock to get back to work as we have been very busy. I have been keeping my eye on administrative tasks and delegating a lot of work so I can keep ahead of most tasks. I have had a few dreams about art again. I keep dreaming. Last night’s dream was interesting as the work was going well and I had some big sculptural painterly work going. This work had no place in reality to be made or any place to go in reality. I might start a new painting on Tuesday afternoon as I have a short day. In the real world I am trying to paint from life mostly. I realised that I can get a bit more ambitious with my work in oil as well. I would like to do some work on paper after the lockdown with oil. This can wait as I have a plan to work mostly on paper sometime next month. Only because I can store work on paper easily.

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