Mattress, TV and writing

The other day I decided to move my mattress and it fell apart. I got a new mattress yesterday. It is the first new mattress I have ever owned. Not that I could never afford a new one. It was just that I tended to inherit them. Maybe quite a few years ago I would have found a new mattress a bit expensive but I had one anyway. I am also buying a new smart TV which should be delivered today. I have never owned a new TV before. Once again I would find them on the street or a friend would find one on the street. I decided to buy a Hisense TV as they are a popular Chinese brand with some Chinese apps that you can install and regular western apps. 西瓜视频 Xīguā shìpín or watermelon video is one app that I want. I have it on my phone but I would prefer to see it on the big screen.

I have compiled three short stories that are almost ready to be published. I don’t think this little book will get any traction but I want to release it anyway. It only comes to 60 pages. What I like about it personally is that it covers a period of learning about feng shui. Most of it is incorrect or a little paranoid but I like the transition and those types of thought patterns. The way the stories transition chronologically move through these thought patterns and it grows more aware and opens by the end of the last story. So it grows and it covers a lot of heavy subjects with different approaches such as humour and forsaken attitudes. It is probably more dark than light. It covers madness, addiction, the supernatural, and social problems of multiple descriptions. I won’t delve too deeply but kind of create sweeping gestures in these stories.

I just received a message that my new TV is half an hour away from being delivered. I am impressed as they were having issues with logistics and I didn’t expect it until early next week. They were only one day late which was good because they told me they were having some warehouse issues and it could have been longer. I should finish some of the minor editing’s today or tomorrow. There are always grammatical issues with my writing but sometimes I like those errors as they suit the content.

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