Belmore Tofu factory and Campsie

I was invited by a friend to go to the tofu factory in Belmore in the south west of Sydney. We managed to beat the long queue by a few minutes. We also went to a Korean supermarket in Campsie which is in the next suburb. Then we went to some Asian fruit stores and finally a Vietnamese restaurant which had Pho and quite a few other dishes on offer. My friend’s wife is Japanese and she came along with their young daughter. It was a great outing. The fresh tofu was amazing. Two tofu delights I liked are the Tofu Fa and Tofu yogurt. Tofu Fa is a silken tofu with a sweet ginger sauce. The tofu yogurt was delicious. I bought four small tubs and they were gone by the end of the day. Some of these areas were mainly full of Greek and Lebanese immigrants twenty or so years ago. Now it is a mixture of mostly Asians and a small number of Lebanese and Greek residents. I will definitely go back to the tofu factory. There is a train station nearby. Campsie is the same though I have a few restaurant haunts in Eastwood, Chatswood and the city. If I want to I can get fresh vegetables very cheap in Haymarket but I usually get small amounts of veggies after work in St Leonards. My friend grew up around the Campsie area so he loves going there to get cheap fuel and cheap food.

Most of my friends know I love Asian culture. That is the reason why my friend invited me. He loves Japanese culture mainly and has a taste for Korean baked goods. His own heritage is Greek and Australian so there are also Persian goodies on his radar. Campsie has a few good Greek culinary delights but we didn’t have the time to fit those into our outing. I prefer these kinds of outings to just painting walls. There is a lot of culture in Australia, especially in the suburbs. Some years ago I could get Tofu Fa in a Randwick Asian supermarket but sadly it closed down and only operates one other store in Kingsford. For some reason I never go to Kingsford anymore. It is actually close to where I live but it is a little bit of a hassle to get to. Me and my daughter used to walk there because it was actually less of a hassle. Now there is the tram system but I have to go to Moore Park and change trams whereas I could probably walk there in the same amount of time. On the way back I would get a bus back to Randwick and change buses to go to Coogee. The other reason I don’t go there is because I prefer the city which is one bus away and I have a lot on offer. It is further away but more direct. Also a little bit more interesting as well. It was a good day today even though the weather was a bit wet and cold.

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