In 2018 I had some health issues. I have vaguely described them on this blog. Some of the symptoms were that of a mini stroke. Slurred speech, unable to walk and confusion that only lasted a short while. It was scary to say the least. They say that you can have a few mini strokes before the big one. That is the one that will normally kill you or incapacitate you. Mostly though I didn’t have high blood pressure all of the time but only on odd occasions. Maybe after a rich meal or a few coffees. I was warned in my late twenties that I could have future issues. At that time I took up karate and got rid of the health issues. Late 2018 I got back to Tai Chi which I had practiced almost two decades before after karate. Tai Chi literally saved my life. I don’t take anything for granted and try to balance my diet and exercise daily. I am not far from being 50. The problem was I got lazy for years and didn’t really have a clear head to deal with my health. I was trying though. Yet I had to lift my game in the end. Life is short as it is.

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