Vice to virtue

It is very difficult when you are immersed in a culture to see opposing views or what seem like opposing views from your own vantage point. You and I have been brought up to think within a framework within our society that shuns communism for example. If you were to study communism deeply within an educational institution you could probably see it from different angles and may even become a convert. Yet the external forces of media and politics keep on skewing what goes on within communist countries. They are accused of unthinkable crimes and people just take that at face value. We have to consider that no nation is devoid of problems but what drives the media and political agendas to purposely skew information about other countries? Is it to maintain control? Is it to make people feel better about their own plight in a society besieged by homelessness and the possibility of losing everything? Or to help us forget the perversions such as serial killings, violence and loss of even a place to call home? There is serious pressure on the population in developed nations. There is always pressure. Even in the countries that we demonise there is pressure. Yet there is also socialism and a social conscience beyond money, power and elitism. 

There are nations like China lifting people out of poverty. Countries like China that have been ratifying treaties on climate change and human rights. Yet on all fronts developed nations keep attacking and skewing China’s record on all of these. In the developed world there is the toing and froing of attitudes and stances every three or four years that means some nations take one step forward and three steps back. Whereas nations with one leader get a lot done in a shorter time. Which is why China has surpassed the whole world. A developing nation is the world’s number one economy and military power. The skewing of information about China has gone on for over one hundred years. When the eight party coalition robbed China of most of its wealth over a hundred years ago they knew they couldn’t let China succeed and out do them. They had to rob them. The same attitude is still alive today in post colonial attitudes that are veiled in human rights and democracy. Once you dehumanise your competition, when you do rob them it is all seen as fair play. You can make your vice look like a virtue. China is framed as a colonist itself in today’s skewed attitude yet China so far has only brought benefit to play. They haven’t invaded countries but instead let them be part of larger projects for trade. You just need to look at history to see who the real villains are.

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