End of the year

What a year 2020 has been. It has been a disaster for the world. In a way, the semi lockdown in my state was an excellent opportunity to stay at home and make art. I compiled a decade of poems and released it with illustrations from a decade ago (Recovery: A poetry compilation).  围棋 Weiqi, the literal translation is supposed to be ‘disaster opportunity’ though it is ‘surround chess’. With every disaster comes opportunity and with every opportunity comes disaster. This game summarises the year, to be honest. I have heard next year will bear the consequences of this year so we will still have issues to deal with. With my job, for example, there are a lot of supply issues that will go well into next year. Some states are open to overseas travelers and a few have coronavirus. They are in quarantine. So far there is no community transmission. It took a while to get to this point with soft lockdowns in place. There was a lot of contact tracing going on in my state and they seemed to have turned it into a bit of an art form. It took the state of Victoria a long time, and a hard lockdown to finally get on top of infections. This year is the year of the rat into the Chinese New Year and next year is the year of the ox. Let us hope with the new year we have new opportunities and can handle the ramifications that will echo into next year.

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