Bow down

Did the Australian Prime Minister forget about the second world war the other day when he decided to make a military pact with Japan? We already have around forty US bases in Australia, so is it time to make some room for Japanese bases as well? Is the only thing Australia needs sovereignty? Is Japan only in an apologist mode for prior imperialist ambitions because of American imperial might? What will happen when America falls back militarily as it has been doing for quite a few years? The only thing China wants to do is trade. The Sino-Japanese war was brutal and instigated by Japanese imperialism. Yet the idiots representing the majority of idiots are worried about China and seem to have forgotten history in a fit of capitalist amnesia. There is empty talk of values, freedom and democracy. What about historical facts and economic facts?

If it weren’t for Chinese money pouring into Australia, we would have felt the full brunt of the GFC and gone into recession like most of the world long ago. Now when we are in recession our country turns to baseless fears and cooks up a delusion so strange that we think China is out to get us. Being a vassal state we now bend our knee to Japan as soon as America is seen to lose power. America has the largest navy in the world and Japan the second largest. Japan is a small island that really needs more land considering its huge population. Japanese power is suppressed as long as America is in power. The question is, do we need to be more self-reliant and protect our sovereignty from imperialist interests? Is this even possible with a small population? Is a Japanese alliance in our best long term interests? First, we served Britain, then the US and now?

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