Critical thinking sinking

The conservative and most heard and believed story in relation to Covid19 is that China tried to cover it up and killed off the doctor that tried to tell the world. Then you have Trump say that it’s just a flu, ingest bleach and get out in the sunshine because it will kill the virus. Who is really misleading who? Also why aren’t the Chinese allowed to suffer at the hands of the virus? Why are they always supposed to be lying and scheming when in fact they had to deal with the virus just like everyone else. It is because they are Communists who don’t invade the rest of the world and are actually capable of containing a deadly pandemic. They are accused of every crime imaginable yet play by international rules. When reading Chinese news for example their leaders are the only people making any sense at all. For example Trump accused Xi JinPing of talking about the virus too much as Trump wanted to talk about the economy and trade. This was in local news yet nobody could actually understand the import of Trump’s remarks.

So to really get to the heart of the issue, a new form of Mccarthyism has taken hold of America and they want to criticise and demonise China at all costs. What gets me is people believe it yet can’t see the elephant in the room. The Chinese are not allowed to be human beings with both flaws and positive aspects. Any mistake is made to look like a direct attack on the world. Even if the pandemic was mistakenly thought of as a flu or less deadly issue by China initially the jury is out on China’s true motivations, when at the same time America’s leader called it a flu and nothing to worry about even when China was saying it was deadly and needed to be contained. What this really comes down to is Western media misleading people to keep certain people in power and stop people from thinking critically. This is blatant manipulation and wrong. If you also have fallen into this trap then you need to think critically and have a humanitarian understanding that the Chinese have had to deal with this pandemic just as much as anyone else. 

People blame them for covering it up in the beginning when in fact they may not have known what they were really dealing with, as can be seen even after China knew and told the whole world the US leader called it a flu! Obviously the American’s didn’t know what they were really dealing with after the fact. How can you justify a beginning on a blunder, when afterwards something so public and blatant took place, yet the news cycle can’t even come up with a suitable criticism after a pandemic has already started. So to clarify even if China initially didn’t know what they were dealing with the US still didn’t know what they were dealing with after it had become public. Yet American stupidity is fine and has no real life ramifications. That is what we are led to believe in the current ideas being circulated. Sorry but this shows an incredible amount of shameful bigotry and systematic racist political ideology in action. So many Americans have suffered at the hands of the US government’s inaction and holier than thou mentality while the news cycles go on regardless with sham after sham. 

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