Drawing and sculpture

I have collaborated over the years with one artist mainly. We work on the streets and have for a while. What is interesting about our efforts is the differences between our work. Our skill sets are very different. My main skill is drawing and his skill is sculpture. I remember looking at sculptors drawings in art school. They had heavy forms and looked bulky. I never learned pure traditional drawing techniques myself. I appropriated my skill set from impressionist sketching through books I copied from when younger. I did practice life drawing but it wasn’t in a traditional school. Drawing and sculpture are very different disciplines yet both have ways of representing form. This difference of approaches makes our walls work. There needs to be some difference of approach to make things happen and to be dynamic. Not many people who look at graffiti have a background in art or even really look at the subtle differences. Not everyone goes to art school or has training in art. Also people don’t really see graffiti as much as experience it either as something akin to visual noise or visual rubbish. Graffiti can be intimidating, overwhelming or exciting. It can be ‘cool’ or annoying while at times totally missed through other distractions such as making your way to somewhere or other. Work on the streets doesn’t get much attention applied to its value as there is no value. Even if street art is paid for it can still miss serious consideration because its value as a commodity is non existent. Mostly value is object based. I would love to see architects use graffiti more as a way of creating new experiences in spaces. For example a wall in a lobby that is painted chaotically yet has layers of glass that encapsulate the work so it is obscured and hidden behind reflections. There are ways to include graffiti in new ways that can be explored. Also large scale photographic installations of graffiti work done off site which challenge the space yet combine with it. Australia isn’t really known for setting trends. Most people are happy to follow overseas cues. I can still dream of interesting applications and hope to apply my skills in many different ways going forward. 

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