allowed to

I watched a brief interview with Gerhardt Richter the other evening. It was interesting hearing him talk of what made painting important for him. He said he ‘was allowed to do it’. As though he could do it because he was allowed to. Whether that means access, priviledge or ability. I liked the idea though because say if I think of my own art making, I can only do what I am allowed to do. For example I do a lot of graffiti because nobody is stopping me from doing it. I don’t exhibit much because I don’t get access to galleries or have gallery owners knocking down my door. In some ways it is easier to do graffiti because I am allowed to do it. I can do it, there is nothing stopping me from doing it. The walls I can paint are literally handed over from certain building owners because they want my work on their walls. It is something to brood over anyway. It is the same with writing, there are not many obstacles to doing it these days for me.

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