Minimal, maximal

I started a new painting work, a diptych which looked finished as soon as I started it though I persevered because I wanted to build up some layers. A layer is just drying right now. I wouldn’t mind scraping all of the paint off one of them and seeing what it looks like. I need some sculptural components to either add or use as stencils. I really want to use wires but I feel they could be better as a stencil component. We will see. I feel guilty indulging in these works because they only require conceptual skills rather than any particular painting techniques that require any great skill. Though that is the joy of doing these works. I feel like I can tag (draw), apply a limited palette (buffing graffiti) and scratch back into it (vandalism). The stenciling side of it is simply another form of recording and applying a record to the work. It becomes an archival trope. Also it becomes what a tradesman would do. There will be additions, scraping back, preparing, repaints then the graffiti (marks) are added and taken away (painted over).

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