Bad luck good luck

A few weeks ago I had a little spell of bad luck. It wasn’t all that bad but was rather annoying. A large window in my sunroom broke in high winds then the next day and a few days after I had some bad leaks in my apartment. It was trivial and actually the outcomes were positive. The leak for example has been an ongoing issue and in the early stages of the Covid outbreak I found the main source of the leak by accident. Of course I sent emails but people were not at work and working from home so emails were not answered. A friend came and did a pretty good fix on the leak source upstairs and the strata are organising a proper fix soon. While all of this was going on I was thinking about my commitment to my Taoist training. I was wondering if all of that energy was better suited to real world activities. What I realised in the end was that you can invest energy in for example starting a new family or chasing worldly pursuits yet you also need to understand where you are in relation to your life. For example your age or job prospects. Around the time of all this I had a dream I had started a new family and in the dream I was surprised because I felt I was starting my life all over again but from a position that disadvantaged me in a lot of ways. 

The crux of the issue is after doing Qi Gong for almost two years and starting to feel very normal and healthy again then thinking where do I invest my energy? I believe the connection to the Tao is very uplifting and it is best to use this youthful energy to keep building that connection rather than trying to invest it in other places. My bad luck was an opportunity to reassess my life and also fix things while enjoying health and remembering that a spiritual goal is sustaining.

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