Former United States

Politicians in Australia are worried, they have been divisive and controversial populists for years. Now Trump is failing quite badly they see that their own status is threatened, their own ilk is waning. How did we get to this point? The war on terror was the beginning of the end, though Vietnam was the true beginning. Systematic racism under the banner of Imperialism is nothing new. A killing machine taking lives for profit is what the US have built with a fake ‘cop of the world’ mask. Now their time is over. Other nations have superseded US arms and American Imperialism has turned in on itself. The US can no longer bully poor nations or less technologically equipped nations as they have no advantage. Simply because Russia is supplying nations like Iran with weapons that are beyond what the US has. American Imperialism no longer works and now the ‘Former United States’ is the new moniker for a once unified nation.

Australia lived under the rule of Great Britain for a long time and then changed masters once they fell. We have 42 US bases on our shores currently and with the US falling these bases are simply nothing more than tokens. We have no guarantees that our own military which is based on US logistics will even survive because it is so reliant on the US. This scenario is terrible as we should never have been so complacent. The US will be reduced to zero and now we are on the same path because we were not independent or self directed at all. This lack of independence is why the Australian politicians are worried. Our country’s fate is tied to the US so we will face the same inevitable decline.

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