Visual workings

Have made another body of visual artwork. Working mainly on paper with acrylic. It is interesting what is unearthed in these paintings. They seem to have psychological underpinnings though it is difficult to say what they are except maybe one off pieces of post graffiti. They seem to sit in a less figurative way with Jungian type paintings though there are no clear Jungian motifs. Maybe it is just the painterly approach of washes and line work that reminds me of work I saw in the past few months from Jung’s patients. The works are abstract, yet contained like Stella’s forms with their negative space yet they seem to have a deep psychological core.

Admittedly I have been listening to Jungian podcasts, American poets and finished reading a collection of Jung’s essays only a week or so ago. I am also in the middle of a book by a Jungian academic that explores happiness and how people achieve difficult tasks and remain focused. I started a small work exploring stencils today as a segway out of this other completed body of work. It is interesting to consider the coming together of forms that are cut out and laid in layers over each other. These forms are the data of what would become a stencil yet stay as cut forms existing within a perspex shield to hold them together and protect their stasis. 

These cut forms are as close as I come to sculpture and stencils. I always loved seeing peoples pre cut stencils before application of spray. They can be so intricate. There are a few artists exploring these cut forms. Krystal Wagner being one interesting sculptor. I can think of Joan Grounds as well. For me though I want a flat space with hints of dimension. Other than that I need to draw. I may draw tomorrow as it is almost time for bed.

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