Drugs, a rudimentary tool for a self serving fool.

I worked with Lister briefly in 2014 on a wall. It seems since that time he has burnt every bridge imaginable landing himself in deep trouble. I had Lister on my graffiti Instagram up until a few years ago. Lister was putting up seedy videos of young women who looked like they were on drugs. When I say seedy I mean candlelit seance like parties. It was pretty obvious that it was bad. I just switched off after that and didn’t follow him. Recently he had a meltdown on his instagram about his new found reputation so I followed him from my art Instagram to see where he would go with it. Only a few days later he was charged with sexual assault and various other charges.

I wrote some articles about dark fame in 2018. Also I included a rock god art type in a book I wrote called ‘A bad performance’ as a record of those disturbing Instagram videos. In the book I put one of the main characters into one of the rock god art types parties and it is full of moralising because I personally don’t like drug culture but it was my attempt to throw light on dark practices. The problem with Lister was he could use his fame to entice people into drug fuelled parties and that meant he could take advantage of people if he chose to and if that was the case he has broken the law in a very serious way. All of the accusations will be put through the courts and this will be the true test of evidence gathered against him.

The question is, did he take advantage of these people and how many times did he do it if it is true? We will find out the answers soon enough. It doesn’t look good for Lister but it could be a boon for anyone adversely affected by any proposed criminal actions by Lister. Just to finish. Its situations like those proposed in the pending court room drama that make me hate drugs even more. Yet those with fame and power who abuse their position can use drugs to manipulate the naive and fulfill their own dark fantasies at the expense of the innocent. Their self serving attitudes make drugs look like a rudimentary tool for a self serving fool. People will also criticise those who may have fell into this proposed trap set for them. Yet the prey have little power over the predator. Either way lessons have been learnt. Will justice be served? Everyone will be watching.

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