Drugs and alcohol

I had a lengthy debate the other day via SMS. I ended up drawing together my biases to try and ram a point home. I was having a go at drugs and alcohol. Of course these were the least of the guys worries but I stuck it out anyway. Mostly it was trauma that was the issue so why would I keep on the drugs and alcohol route. Mainly it seemed like a trigger. As soon as I mentioned it the defensive wall grew in stature. By the way this guy had a few alpha male issues. A frustrated alpha male because he would put himself down yet talk straight over me in a conversation just to have the last word on a topic. He was a loud guy. He definitely has an issue with alcohol. Weed wouldn’t help his thinking. Other prescription drugs he takes are tricky but probably a necessity. 

My own bias was simply based around minimising the amount of stimulants in the body. He said he needs weed for pain yet he takes prescription pain meds anyway. I have schizophrenia yet I felt I was arguing with a schizophrenic the whole time. I won’t let my weed and alcohol bias go even though a lot of artists manage addictions quite well. The artists I have known who have issues normally binge on drugs then abstain sometimes for months, Then they binge and abstain. It is a cycle of addiction that is manageable. I am not into this little bit everyday to keep your thoughts clouded everyday mentality. We all have problems to solve. You need a clear head to do that. The trigger topic for him came down to me trying to say he was weak which I never said. It isn’t weak to be dependent on drugs or alcohol. It is just unfortunate. To have to have the last word and make me have to understand his trauma in detail and see why drugs and alcohol are not a problem seem manipulative and immature.

For one I respect him as a survivor of trauma yet he wanted to dominate the argument, not to say he didn’t make concessions but they were simply saying look at how biased you are. I suppose I have lost a friend but I can’t sit by when he gets rude and dominating over art and ideas and keeps on clouding his mind when he has more than enough on his plate.  

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