Sports car revolution

They had stolen the sports car for a bit of fun. They had made the revolution happen to get their own back. It was for the collective good. People were mindless slaves. They were being exploited by the capitalist system. Late capitalism was crushing them under the flow of money. Drugs, crime, corporate greed were all taking any money away they could have made. They were selling drugs on the street to get by and even then all of that money wasn’t enough to fulfil them. It was a bottomless pit. Once they had fought off the police they had to overthrow the government. The only way was to win over the military. One metric tonne of heroin did it. Soon the army was so high they forgot about civic duty and honesty. They wanted more. They wanted to rob their parents and anyone they could. The army arrested the Prime Minister and set about incarcerating him for his support of the capitalist system. The revolution was almost complete. They needed a new system. One of the boys came up with a system based around slanging. The more heroin sold, the more ice sold on the street you would become a true leader that had their fair share of social respect. Rather than being a problem you were actually the solution. Australia would become Xanadu. A new nation built for the realest people. Heroin for everyone. All drugs were legalised. Crime was a virtue not a sin. Finally things would be good. The cops started chasing the sports car, Ronnie really had to get some speed to blow the cops off. The revolution will not be televised. Nobody watched television these days anyway. The junkie army marched through the capital of Australia like a wave of hope. They were the saviours. People came from far and wide to see the junkies in all of their glory. Soon Ronnie was startled as the sports car skidded uncontrollably from the street hitting the pole with sudden loss of life. His passenger was instantly crushed. Ronnie was only barely alive. Life slipped away from him ever so slowly as he felt his life slip by in these final moments. It was all a delusion. His life never made sense. The violence, poverty, drugs, housing commissions, abuse and the American troops guarding poppy fields for the new wave of opiates swamping the world never seemed real. Pharmaceutical benefits for opiates, opiates for benefits and the quick street sale. Ronnie and his mates were just a part of a super dictatorship posing as democracy. A small cog in the huge machine that destroyed people through constant media bombardment. They needed a revolution but people were not prepared. They were asleep, they were robbed either by corporations or people on the streets. They never really knew that they had lost their sovereignty and their drive for true decision making and freedom. The only freedom they knew were from drug cartels or pharmaceutical companies. A momentary escape from the pain of fake freedom.

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