How evil works

Last night I had a dream. A demon had grabbed me while I lay in bed and tried to drag me away. I reached up, relaxed my body and broke its grip. It let go and I awoke. The wind was howling outside. Something wasn’t right. There was evil lurking nearby. Plans were afoot. I read an article on Twitter that had a right wing ‘journalist’ suggest that Australia should create ‘tax free’ zones in the remnants of the fire disaster. Evil really is afoot. It doesn’t tread too lightly. You can hear it in the wind. It howls an ungodly wail. The people it seems have no idea how to deal with a disaster without the ideas of the money class seating themselves at the head of the table. When billionaires offer their private helicopters for rescues that are more spin than genuine. The people have handled the disaster nearly all on their own and things could have been better or even a lot worse. Nobody came for months, nobody really cared. Authorities  already knew what was about to happen. They had known for years. The evil was lurking. People knew things had changed. They hoped they hadn’t changed forever yet they didn’t realise things had actually changed decades before. Laws were relaxed. The enemy of the money class ‘red tape’ was put aside. Yet they always declare that there is too much red tape. Would you rather blood? Blood from a stone?

The demon visited. The demons are in charge. All you can do is try to calm them down. If the demon senses resistance it hangs on even more. It won’t let go unless you let go. That is how evil works.

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