Nature will have the last word: A crisis poem

Enemies of the people……

Corporate hand

Goodby democracy

Police state


Coal holiday flight

An ice head fight

Screaming abuse

Inner city lunatics

Surrounded by fire

Red sun

Smoke in the sky

No change

No change

Zero tolerance not

Zero carbon

Punishment by: 




Everyone knows that

Poets are dangerous

Especially ones from eastern europe

How ridiculous

What bullshit

An omen

A crisis

There are never solutions

Simply ideology

You believe in X, Y, Z

Or A and B

It is all a hoax

Buyers remorse

Move to the cities

Multicultural slave ship

Immortal Technique said that

Late Capitalism

Too late capitalism

Too far

Manufacturing sector

Plastic for everybody

Bottled water


Corporate hand again

We have a hand in everything

Especially your thoughts

Your values

Which destroy lives

They say forget carbon

Forget gases

Forget the ether

Remember nature

Nature punishes

Neofascist weak and strong

They called it freedom

Nature will have the last word  

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