Nature creates profit

The fires surrounded us, we couldn’t breathe fresh air anymore. That was for the lucky somewhere a world away. Our politics like a fire. Lack of policy a fire. All compounded into a super fire. Years of indecision fed the flames. There was nothing we can do they said. Doing nothing doesn’t lead to good outcomes. It leads to nothing but a surrounding fire. Nothing leads back to nothing. What do we do now? More nothing. More debates. Firefighting. A world of heroes and heroines. A world that makes a story of disaster after disaster. We needed trees yet they burned. We needed solutions yet they were ignored in the dark ages. We are in the dark ages. Where science is ignored and ridiculed for profit. Yet the profits started to dwindle. Once you lose natures support you lose everything. Why do you lose everything? Because nature creates profit. It creates plenty. If you ignore nature and bridging the gap between the books of life you lose everything. You lose your home. You lose the air. You lose life. The symbols can’t bridge the gap. Nature lets you go and then you are lost. Watch the world as it burns. Watch the money disappear like a wild fire ravaging everything. It is a simple logic but one that can’t be argued against. Though everything is more complex consider that for those that have a plan are more likely to meet it. Yet those without a plan will meet nothing but trouble. If credible advice is ridiculed then you reap what you sew. People believe nature is not selective. It brings luck and trouble. Yet nature is selective. It chooses and follows a logic that is based on energy. Everything is an energy that follows a logic. A logic that has a gap. So it can be applied in many situations. The gap provides an opening. An application. Nature is the master. So listen. Listen to what nature says.

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