Dealing with Dad’s care

It has been a good year overall that has ended rather sadly. I think last year (2018) was quite bad for me personally as I had health issues that I seem to have dealt with. My Dad has been diagnosed with cancer recently. He has taken it quite well in his stubborn attitude towards everything. It has been hard going over the years with my Dad. I have respected his independence, going forward he may not be as independent as he imagines. The problem is how he chooses to live. He doesn’t really subscribe to normal standards of living which makes his situation difficult. Hopefully he can still get around but he will most likely be more frail and less mobile. A friend of mine who is a GP thinks he could recover quite well with radiotherapy that would help extend his life for quite a few more years. The real issue will be if my Dad behaves and stays focused on treatment. I really want to see him stay mobile because he loves walking. He has a lot of routines he does around Katoomba. In a way he needs to behave to keep his independence so I am pretty confident he will comply. I had a hell of a time with his skin issue a few years back. He really was difficult and caused a lot of stress. The positives so far are my Dad’s determination to get mobility back. He is still quite fit overall from years of walking. I want him to get into healthier routines as well. He could hopefully push through this quite well. This isn’t how I imagined things to turn out. The hospital is putting him through rehab at the moment. I really want the best for my Dad. He had a good run in Katoomba but the past three years have been tough. Now there is a whole other problem to deal with. Most of this will come back to how my Dad will cope having less mobility. Lets see how this goes. He has the facilities he needs. He just needs to use them. I am going to my Dad’s today to put in a rubber matt in the bathroom and a handle to get in the bath. The problem is getting him to use the bath. He normally relies on external services to do most of his day to day activities even though he has the services at home. It has all been about saving money. An obsession that has been both positive and negative at the same time.

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